Civilization 6 Developers Announces New, Year-Long Frontier Pass

Civilization 6 Developers Announces New, Year-Long Frontier Pass


Since launch in late 2016, Civilization 6 has included quite a lot of new content into the game. They’ve sent situation packs and two expansions to jump right into. Now, Firaxis declared a new method to allow them to pack in much more information. Beginning on May 21, the group will start delivering a new bimonthly year pass they are calling the New Frontier Pass.

The New Frontier Pass in Civilization 6 provides all types of unique things over the course of the following calendar year. The very first package (releasing May 21) attracts two fresh cars and their leaders, together with a brand new game mode. The civs that are new will be Gran Colombia and the Maya. All of those packs consist of new cars, leaders, game styles, along with content. Even though most of what is coming has not been directly declared, it is an exciting step forward for Civilization 6 lovers.

The bimonthly approach appears ideal for Civ 6. That provides You two strong months to the recently civ before a new one comes along. That appears to be a fantastic way to keep the game new, although I am not a Civilization 6 participant. And, if the styles are well-received, this seems to shoot.

We’ll know about this movement is obtained. Civilization 6 players may anticipate the very first package for the New Frontier Pass to fall on May 21. The game can be found on iOS, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Today looks to pick up the game In case you haven’t already checked it out.

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