God Of War Director Wants To Remake Silent Hill

God Of War Director Wants To Remake Silent Hill


Silent Hill, the once-great Emotional Horror show from Konami, is due for a revival. Cory Barlog, the guy in charge of 2018’s God of War, desires to be the one to bring the franchise back from the dead.

In a post on Twitter, Barlog reacted to converse asking readers Show they would like to find that a remaster for. Four options were provided: Metal Gear Solid, Twisted Metal, Xenosaga, and Silent Hill. Barlog was apparent by which he would go with. “Quiet Hill. And allow me get it done,” he responded.

Silent Hill has not seen a suitable setup since 2012, when Konami introduced the primary series entrance Silent Hill: Downpour followed with the RPG spinoff, Silent Hill: Book of Memories. Neither were. Then there was that the Silent Hills debacle at 2014. What started as a mysterious demonstration titled P.T., Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima surprised everybody as it was disclosed he will be working on another chapter of this franchise. Things unraveled fast departing also the publisher as well as Konami cancelling the job, going so far as to take out the demo.

Barlog himself is no stranger to departures. The author and director shot to fame because of his job on God of War two , which brought him a BAFTA award. But after beginning work on God of War 3, Barlog left the Santa Monica Studio at 2008 of Sony, needing more freedom to produce. He bounced from job to project, working together with LucasArts, spending some time with George Miller on a version of Mad Max: Fury Road, also directing parts of this 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider for Crystal Dynamics. He finally returned to Sony Santa Monica at 2013 and led the newest God of War name that transferred the show from Greek mythology and to ancestral legends.

It is difficult to imagine anyone using the mindset and enthusiasm to reunite Silent Hill into the standard the first Team Silent set. Games’ trilogy are a few of the greatest examples of terror video games and it might be a activity.

But, Cory Barlog might only have the chops to acquire a Silent Hill movie done. He’s delivered some completely amazing work together with all the God of War Series in regards to, and can also be famous because of his fire Developing epic games. On the flip side History of the Konami and Barlog, this marriage might end in tragedy. It’s far better to leave the past before.

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