Respawn Opens New Studio Focused Entirely On Apex Legends

Respawn Opens New Studio Focused Entirely On Apex Legends


Respawn Entertainment has come a long way because the critically-acclaimed Titanfall two dropped well-below EA’s revenue expectations in 2016. The combination of this free-to-play shot Apex Legends along with the cinematic action game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gave 2019 to the studio. Respawn has declared that it’s expanding in Vancouver which will concentrate on Apex Legends, as it marks its tenth anniversary.

Lee claims the closeness to EA programmers will assist the studio to manage their resources. Grenier states that the place will help Apex develop to a franchise such as Call of FIFA and Duty.

Even though the Vancouver studio was operating in some capacity since 2019, its employees are working remotely Because of the Continuing coronavirus catastrophe, That creates this statement more representational than concrete. However, while This studio will help relieve some of the strain For the California studio–that CEO Vince Zampella has discussed openly previously –it is unlikely the much-asked-for Titanfall 3 is arriving anytime soon.

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