Tencent Now Reportedly Owns System Shock 3 And 4 Websites

Tencent Now Reportedly Owns System Shock 3 And 4 Websites


It’s been noted that Tencent games currently have the domain names for just two System Shock sites, meaning that they might wind up generating System Shock 3.

In case you missed our policy three months ahead, an unidentified employee of OtherSide Entertainment maintained that System Shock 3’s development group had been”no longer used ” in the studio, in the aftermath of several important figures departing.

Studio Director Warren Spector has been inactive on websites for over Three months, combined with the social networking stations of OtherSide Entertainment .

As speculation mounted, Business and Marketing Development Vice President Walter Somol said the firm saw operating along with the The game was in evolution. But, Somol functions in the studio Boston, Massachusetts offices- not the Austin, Texas workplace in which System Shock 3 has been developed.

Starbreeze Publishing initially spent $12 million into publishing System Shock 3 at 2017. 2 decades later, they’d sell back the rights to OtherSide Entertainment if they struck their particular problems [1, two , 3].

Currently, Video Games Chronicle Reports the possession of domain names SystemShock3.com and SystemShock4.com has moved to Tencent from the previous week.

Whether this implies Tencent has obtained OtherSide Entertainment, or simply the development or publishing rights of System Shock matches remains to be seen. Neither site can be retrieved at this moment. Buying a domain name for”System Shock 4″ might appear odd considering System Shock 3 isn’t complete.

However, it Is Probable the Tencent wishes to Stop the domain Used to stop it being more difficult to get, or to deceive people as being real. This adds credence to Tencent having control.

As of January, 2020 Tencent has 100% ownership of Riot Games, 80 percent of Grinding Gear Games, 40 percent in Epic Games, 29 percent at Funcom, 5 percent in Activision Blizzard, 5 percent in Ubisoft, 5 percent in Paradox Interactive, along with many others.

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