Ubisoft Sues Apple And Google Over Mobile Rainbow Six Siege Clone

Ubisoft Sues Apple And Google Over Mobile Rainbow Six Siege Clone


Ubisoft is suing Appl,e, and Google over an alleged Cellular Rainbow Six Siege

where Ubisoft’s lawsuit claims that Area F2 reproduces”nearly every facet” of Rainbow Six Siege, imagining that the operator selection display and closing scoring display as being mostly derivative. You can see comparisons between Area F2 and Rainbow Six Siege requires on these displays below:

The sport has countless downloads thus far (the Play Store alone lists more than 5 million) and prides itself as the”initial CQB FPS on cellular,” offering a choice of brokers, destructible environments, and gear.

Having attempted the game for me, The resemblance is striking, with channels, layouts, and much more feeling immediately recognizable to some Siege player.

Ubisoft has contacted Apple and Google regarding the sport and its breach, but both firms have neglected to eliminate the game in the App Store or even Google Play Store.

In other Rainbow Six Siege information, check out the trailer for Operation Steel Wave, Which brings Melusi and Ace into the match to operators and can be set to be Shown in full today. It was shown back in February This Rainbow Six Siege could go free-to-play later on, even though the team is not ready for this just yet.

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